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Persian & Oriental Rug Colour Restorations

Persian & Oriental Rug Colour Restorations

Sun-Fading and Valuable Persian Oriental Rug cleaning

To understand, how the colours in fine Oriental Persian rugs may be damaged, we must analyze first how these damages usually happen. Specific colours are more prone to fading or getting damaged than others due to several factors. Just, for example, the blue colour family is prone to fading due to the chemical impact of detergent washings. This also holds with nylon carpeting. Over time, the harsh alkaline detergents could impact the colours, causing the rugs to fade and lose its sparkle. Bleaches and other chemicals often cause concerns related to colour loss. Sun-fading is highly likely to impact any colour, especially the reds. Persian rugs have more reddish coral colours along with orange, burgundies, ambers and more and these colours are susceptible to sun fading severely. The main reason is that the red colour molecules are the smallest in size components and don’t have enough mass to withstand the damaging and hazardous impacts of the rays of the sun.

The question that comes to mind is what to do to repair or restore a fine rug that is sun-damaged? The effective and most promising solution is to dye the carpets and rugs properly. The only requirement and need of the hour are to take the help of certified dye masters as they are aware of blending the dyes accurately and achieving the exact colour matches and uniformity that will restore the colour damaged or sun-faded rugs to original look-alike appearance.


Synthetic Dyes vs. Natural Dyes to Use to:

It is always a matter of discussion when it comes to using synthetic dyes or natural dyes. Both of them are supposed to be having and owing unique characteristics. The prime difference is that natural dyes are derived from plants and minerals and synthetic dyes are derived from man-made materials. The natural dyes seem to reflect the light pretty well, are less stable and vary in hue and depth. Synthetic dyes are much purer and accurate in colour. The dye experts restore the colour restoration in faded areas in rugs using the synthetic dyes as compared to natural ones as they blend easily and assure to not leave any residue behind. Powder dyes must not be used on valuable rugs and the technicians know, what will blend well and assure to render colourfast solutions.


To restore or not to restore and how it is done:

Do you feel like if a colour restoration is going to reduce the value of the rug? It is not true. A rug’s value is not going to be diminished by a properly done colour restoration done by the experts. For many, it could add to the sentiment as the rug will be uniform in colour and overall look better and with restore shine and vibrancy. It is needed to tell your dye master to what extent you would like your rug to be restored. Make sure to simply communicate your preference to the specialists in a clear way. After all, it is a matter of personal preference and taste.

There are different ways of colour restoring a rug. The work is rarely done on-site. In most cases, the rug is shipped to a workshop in a safe manner where all the essential equipment and products are been kept. The equipment which is used to restore a rug depends on the extent of the colour loss, detail and intricacy of the work that needs to be done, and the number of colours that will be applied. Smaller portions of colour loss may be restored using syringes whereas bigger portions may demand the usage of sprayers. More intricate patterns and designs may demand using specialized application tools like airbrushes to precisely and carefully apply the dyes. A dedicated dye expert can restore the beauty and appearance of the rug fully with specialty care and attention. To know more, give us a call today.

A Persian or Oriental rug is been often considered as a treasure simply adored by their owners. They are cherished and valued far beyond what one can imagine. The prime reason behind it is the financial investment and emotional attachment. For a few, it is something that is passed on generation to generation, and for few, it could be something memorable. Over time, the richness of the rug starts fading and even causes colour discolouration and it could be heartbreaking for many. But, no need to panic in this case now as at Carpet & Rug Dyeing, we have been offering this innovative Persian and Oriental rug colour restorations services.


The Persian and Oriental Rug Colour Restorations we offer:

This is a new service and you may or maybe not heard of before. We got the training from the world-renowned experts and become IICRC certified to become aware of the techniques to re-dye and restore the colour of these rugs.

Do know more of the Persian and Oriental Rug Colour Restorations by contacting us right now.