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Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach Spot Repair

Getting bleach spots on carpets or rugs is a pretty common problem for most of the homeowners and business people around. Don’t worry now if bleach drop on your carpet. We are here to tackle the Bleach Spot Repair on Carpet.

Irrespective of whether spots are the result due to the spillage of household bleach or any other chemical,

It could end with unsightly faded yellow, white or orange blemishes. Unlike other stains, bleach spots demand special cleaning products to take care of as bleach even removes the colour from your carpets.

The good part is that Carpet Dyeing Company specializes in repairing bleach spot repair

On the carpet and even matching the colour loss in your carpet.

It doesn’t concern at all if the colour loss is on solid patterned carpet or multicolour patterned carpet,

We can repair as well as restore them fully.

A procedure that We Follow to Repair The Bleach Spot-On Carpet:

Then let it to be dry, and then it will be handover to the client.

The skilled team specializes and knows different ways through which bleach spot repair to the full. The time that the repair will take depends on the design or style of the carpet along with the size of the job. Bigger spots are time-consuming and more difficult to repair as compared to smaller spots. The task can take half an hour or even up to 4-5 hours. Offering both residential and commercial carpet bleach spot repair and restoration solutions, know more by simply contacting us right away.