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About Us

About Us

Why Carpet Dyeing is necessary and how it is an Ideal Solution for Homeowners!

Many homeowners are unhappy with the faded colors and desire to dye their carpet to attain a new and appealing color. Many feel the color of the carpet is not going well with the overall décor. Many of them get annoyed with their efforts to keep their carpets clean, though it is not impossible to do. The Carpet dyeing using organic and non-toxic dyes can just make your carpet look like new again simply by restoring the existing color, or achieving a bit of change, or adding an existing new color by doing color restoration, color matching, toning and tinting, or even spot dyeing. The interesting thing is that it can save a great deal of money as the pricing is about 50% to 90% less costly as compared to the cost of carpet replacement, all depending on the condition and grade of the carpet.

Among so many, it is important to do take assistance from the certified carpet dye colorist and specialist. It is an art that demands expertise and extensive technical training and knowledge of using the right natural products. While looking for the carpet cleaning and dyeing experts, feel free to ask the below mentioned questions:

In all, your satisfaction is guaranteed at Carpet and Rug Dyeing service provider. Call us right away to know more.

Welcome to one-stop Carpet and Rug Dyeing Residential and Commercial service provider platform! As a family owned and local operated business provider, we are committed to cater our customers, peers, neighbours and professionals the very best of carpet and rug cleaning and dyeing solutions at affordable prices across New Zealand and surrounding areas. We treat our customers the way they should be and we would like to be dealt with.

Got trained by the well known Chris Howell, our company is IICRC Certified and a fully accredited cleaning, dyeing and restoration firm specialized in carpets and rugs. The carpets can fade over the time and often could look ugly even before any wear and tear. There could be different mistreatments and causes like urine stains, tea/coffee stains, red wine/drinks spills, soiling, food stains, furniture stains, medications, plant foods, colour loss and more that leads to cleaning of them and makes it essential to have an environmental friendly and healthy atmosphere for all to live in, especially for kids and pets. Our IICRC certified technicians and the right training from world acknowledged Chris Howell specialize in fibre assessment and identification, and will definitely provide an honest opinion/solutions for your rugs and carpets.

Why Carpet and Rug Dyeing Cleaning Solutions:

There are bountiful reasons of giving preference to us among others, when it comes to carpet and rug dyeing cleaning services and few of them are as in below.  

  1. The top-notch cleaning power – Our technicians use the advanced and powerful van mounted machines, housed with self contained water filtration systems to render the best possible cleaning and dyeing solutions. Also, we are up-to-date with the latest cleaning systems and solutions going on around, ensuring to leave your carpets dry and clean with no sticky or bad residue left behind.
  2. Non-toxic and safe cleaning products – We believe in using the high quality residue-free, non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products that not only make your carpets look like new again but also are safe and friendly for pets, kids and indoor environment.
  3. Quick and 24*7 Availability – Our experts are simply a call away and will be at your doorstep at its earliest. While working, we take care of your furniture and belongings as well, and the priority is always to get the customer satisfaction.  

No matter, whether it is faded colours or stains on your carpets, or you look for carpet dyeing to make them look like new again, we can help. We are experts in providing cost effective cleaning, repair and restoration services to an otherwise permanent concern. With years of experience, we guarantee your satisfaction. Do contact us right away at 0800-0800-56 to know more.